The Crux of It Podcast: 10 minutes, 1 topic — Hosted by Mahtab Rezai


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Episode 007: When the Prototype is a Fail

Episode 007 is the first of two conversations with Larisa Brandt about user research. In the first part of the conversation, we talk about what happens when you take a prototype into user testing and it performs poorly.


Episode 006: Edge Cases

Episode 006 is all about edge cases, sometimes called fringe cases: what they are, why they matter, how to (and how not to) address them during the user experience design process.


Episode 005: In-house User Experience Part 1: Making the Right Hire

This episode is the first of a two-part series in which we discuss how organizations can get the most out of their in-house UX teams and what to consider when hiring in-house UX talent. In part two, we’ll discuss how external consultants can best support and supplement in-house UX staff.


Episode 004: Collaboration Killers

In this episode we discuss the Top 5 Collaboration Killers we’ve encountered, and talk about what to do to mitigate them.


Episode 003: Design Patterns are Your Friends

In episode 003 of the Crux of It, we focus on design patterns – what they are, why they matter, and we address 4 design patterns to pay attention to in order to improve usability.


Episode 002: UX of Delivering Healthcare Online

In episode 002 of The Crux of It, we talk about the defining characteristics of an audience that’s seeking care online and tell you about 4 things to avoid when designing user experiences that deliver healthcare online.


Episode 001: Heuristic Evaluations: What and Why?

In this episode we discuss Heuristic Evaluations. What they are, how they’re conducted, how they are like shampoo and therapy. Nope, that’s not a typo. We also share 5 things we find in almost every evaluation we conduct so that you can learn from our experience and start improving your site or application right away.


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